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Give You A Community Foundation

Need a foot in the door within your local schools?  Want to establish a foundation upon which you can build a healthy realtionship of trust with administrators, teachers and students?  If so, then Jeffrey is the perfect speaker for you! He will work with you, and schools, to develop a program that will give you credibility within the educaiton arena of your community.  Contact our office and get JD in front of your students with a message that will empower your teens to win!


Customize JD

One uniqueness that separates Jeffrey Dean from other communicators is his ability to customize messages according to the needs of any particular group of teens. When Jeffrey Dean speaks, there are no two messages he delivers that are exactly alike.

Jeffrey talks with each promoter before preparing his thoughts for every message.  He crafts a message that is unique and relevant. 



Jeffrey addresses elementary, middle, and high school students in a variety of venues, such as:

School Assemblies

Detention Centers / Prisons

Senior-high retreats

Senior Leadership Conferences

Freshman Orientation

Alternative Schools

Home School Group Assemblies


Length Of Message

10 - 60 minutes.  You name the time.  Jeffrey stays within it!





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