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Jeffrey Dean has spoken to more than 3 million in over 3,000 public and private schools throughout our nation, Canada, Haiti, Guatemala, and Panama. 

As someone who clearly has a pulse on today's culture, Jeffrey engages thousands each year addressing relevant issues and empowering teens to give it all the live their very best!  Jeffrey's messages resonate with teens because he loves teens.  And, teens know it!  

Exhibiting a unique combination of humility and confidence, Jeffrey delivers messages with content, care and conviction.  He speaks unabashedly about the issues most important to teens.  He addresses issues that teens need answers to - self-esteem, divorce, bullying sexting, dating, pornography, suicide, eating disorders and more.  Jeffrey helps teens see themselves for who they are and challenges them to move beyond where they are, in a constant motion towards greatness.

One uniqueness that separates Jeffrey Dean from many communicators is his ability to customize a message specific to the age, demographic, and tone of his audience.  When Jeffrey speaks, there are no two messages alike.

Several of Jeffrey's more popular presentations are:

never regret the choice

- Choices shape your future.

- Everyone is NOT doing it.

- Get a game plan for success in relationships.

- How far is too far?

- It's never too late to make the right choice.

the right choice 

- Be YOUR very best.

- Make every choice count for the future.

- Drugs & Alcohol.

- Bullying.

- Internet Safety.

- Doing the "right", not just the "feel right".

influence can change everything

- Maximize your effectiveness as a leader.

- Everyone influences someone.

- Do I push towards the "right" or pull towards the "wrong".

- The power of positive peer pressure.

- Use your influence to change your world.

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